Tinker Trays

Exploring Senses Tinker Trays offer a respectful display of loose parts and natural materials for children to explore and manipulate. We thoughfully choose the materials in each tray and will happily customize Tinker Trays to your needs.Exploring Senses Tinker Trays are filled with materials that children can create with. These materials can be used to make art, build, sort or just well PLAY!We take pride in building our pine Tinker Trays ourselves. They are finished with a water based stain.

All Exploring Senses Tinker Trays contain small parts and should only be used by children who are no longer mouthing toys and used with adult supervision. 

To order Tinker Trays go to the "Contact page" to get in touch with the location nearest you.

Exploring Senses Number Stones  (pictured here in a large Tinker Tray) are hand painted on a variety of shaped rocks and sealed for durability.

Creativity Is Messy

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