Why provide sensory experiences to children?

Sensory experiences provide children with meaningful learning opportunities. The more our senses are engaged the more we learn and retain. All areas of child development are engaged during sensory play.

Cognitive Development – sensory play allows opportunities for children to d

Language Development – sensory play provides opportunities for children to speak about their interaction with really exciting materials! Pre-writing skills are developed while scooping, pouring, grasping and using hand-eye coordination with the sensory materials.

Social and Emotional Development – sensory play allows children to have a venue to control their actions and experience. These play experiences naturally help children notice cause and effect and make decisions, predictions and observations.

Creative Development – sensory play is a truly open ended experience with no product. The process or way children choose to use the materials allow creative expression and build esteem.

Motor Skills – sensory play provides countless opportunities for children to scoop, pour, dig, stir and strengthen fine motor development and control their bodies.

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