Beautiful Materials:

​Children are curious, capable, unique individuals who inherently are born to explore, invent, take apart, put together and rearrange whatever materials they have within their reach. 

  “Children need the freedom to appreciate the infinite resources of their hands, their eyes and their ears, the resources of forms, materials, sounds and colours.”


                                                                                                                     – Loris Malaguzzi...


“If it hasn’t been in the hand or the body, then it can’t be in the brain”. The words of Bev Bos world renowned teacher, author and play advocate have never ringed truer in the age of technological toys and stores filled with over stimulating everything. Children learn by touching, smelling, tasting, hearing and seeing. It is intriguing to think” why do we have so many plastic toys surrounding us?” A plastic block has no real “feel” to it, but a tree does. Try it, find a groovy rock and a plastic rock and hold one in each hand…which would you rather hold? Which would you rather explore, or create with? Do not fret, plastic toys have their place too…keep reading!

Do not underestimate the hours of joy pots and pans can bring… In our house, we try and limit the number of plastic toys. Aside from the obvious reasons of what is in plastic: wooden toys encourage imagination, creativity and help ground children back to nature. It is important to think about the toys you introduce to your baby...

April 12, 2016

Observing a child use loose parts in play truly is magical, I dream of a child's imagination!


Loose parts have so many benefits, here are four:
1. Encourages children to problem solve
2. Encourages children to engage in more complex play
3. Encourages children to think of cause and effect
4. Encourages children to create, invent an

d explore